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HTML Goodies
HTML primer, perl & cgi, Java applets, Java Script, graphics, buttons, colors, forms, and frames
HTML Code Tutorial
List codes & instructions on web page design "how to" and tables + HTML forum.
HTML Tutorial
Beginning and Ending Tags, Text Formats, tags, links, images, tables, frames, forums, Special Characters
Tips, Tricks, How to, and Beyond
The easiest HTML guide for beginners
How to Start / Create Your Own Website design: The Beginner's A-Z Guide
website design. Want to learn HTML fast? This page will teach you the basics of HTML as fast as humanly possible
Website Beginner
Learn HTML & make your own website.
HTML Basics
HTML is the language that makes the web work. It is the usual programming language used for most web site design you will visit.
w3 Schools
HTML tutorials, Java script, web design, References, Examples, quizes, Certifications, & quick starters.
HTML Tutorials
Basic tags, lists & indenting, page links, buttons, images, thumbnails, color codes
HTML, JavaScript & web authoring tutorials.
HTML Tables (W3Schools)
tables, table borders, hesdings, useful tips, table tags
How do they do that with HTML
Though content is truly the most important part of any page, pages are initially judged by aesthetics alone (the first impression). The content is up to you, but perhaps I can help with the aesthetics.
Page Menu
Validation Errors
Web Marketing
Web Tools
FTP Client
HTML Editors
DHTML Tutorials
Java tutorials
Design & Photo

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HTML Code Validators
Links to Articles for Learning how to Validate CSS and HTML with HTML Validators in order to check for Errors in your Script's Syntax.
This article qualifies the most popular errors found in the Markup of sites found during validation process using The W3C Quality Assurance Markup Validation Service tool.
HTML & Link Verification Tools
Total Validator is a free one-stop validator or all-in-one validator comprising a HTML validator, an accessibility validator, a spelling validator, a broken links validator, and the ability to take screenshots with different browsers
Link Sleuth
Xenu is a utility for Windows that checks your web site for broken links.
Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page
HTML Tidy online
HTML Tidy is a tool for checking and cleaning up HTML source files.
HTML Tidy is not just a HTML validator for your web documents. It is able to correct (repair and fix) bad HTML code and give you pointers to areas where you need to change
Simple tidy
Simpletidy cleans and converts your webpages to wellformed XHTML 1.0. Easy and simple to use interface. Cleans and fixes your HTML code. Adds the proper Doctype. Fixes overlapping nestings. Fixes mixed up tags. Missing or mismatched end tags are corrected.
W3C HTML Validation Service
The MarkUp Validator. - Also known as the HTML validator, it helps check Web documents in formats like HTML and XHTML
CSE HTML Validator Lite
a powerful, easy to use, user configurable, and all-in-one HTML, XHTML, CSS, link, spelling, and accessibility checker
HTML VALIDATOR (based on Tidy and OpenSP)
The number of errors of a HTML page is seen on the form of an icon in the status bar when browsing. The details of the errors are seen when looking the HTML source of the page.

* * * * * * Common Validation Errors * * * * * *

Most Common html errors
Common Web Standards Errors
Some of the most common web standards errors. Each of the listed errors either violates HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0 specifications, or comes close to a violation, possibly causing a serious accessibility issue. Most of the error descriptions were taken from W3C's Markup Validator.
Common HTML Errors
What follows is some common errors that one could make, the effect and / or what one can do to fix it.
common Validation Errors
Writing HTML in a SCRIPT element, Ampersands (&'s) in URLs, Incorrect nesting of elements, Using a NAME attribute with IMG or FORM, Using all lowercase letters in a DOCTYPE, "Missing a required sub-element of HEAD", Uppercase letters in XHTML tags
common Validation Errors
We now have several threads that deal with common HTML validation problems.
common Validation Errors
Common Problems:- Forgetting Important Attributes, Script Trouble, Improper Nesting of Elements, Inconsistent Case in Class and ID Values, Improper Comments, Ampersands, Attribute Value Presence and Quotation
common Validation Errors
The following errors were "harvested" from the W3C validation report
common Validation Errors
Explanation of the error messages for the W3C Markup Validator
The Most Common HTML Markup Errors
This article qualifies the most popular errors found in the Markup of sites found during validation process using The W3C Quality Assurance Markup Validation Service tool.
The Most Common CSS Markup Errors
The actual, offending source code has been included when necessary for understanding the CSS Validator's error. The applicable CSS specification verbiage when necessary, too
common Validation Errors
Importance of HTML / XHTML Validation
Common XHTML Validation Errors
List XHTML Validation Errors and solutions
common Validation Errors
In order for your pages to meet the W3 Organization standards, the coding must be accurate and complete. All code must begin and end with the proper code (tag).
common Validation Errors
You may encounter these common error messages when you validate your projects.
Validator Error Messages
Explanation of the error messages

* * * * * * Search Engine Optimization * * * * * *

(Since SEO is so important, I have included several sites with different information and tools) The objective of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase web visitor counts by ranking very high in the results of searches using the most appropriate keywords describing the content of your site.

Search Engine Optimization
Getting people to your web site
SEO Course
10 chapters-Part 1: Meta Tags. Part 2: HTML Tags, Part 3: Keywords, Part 4: Link Popularity, Search Engine Submissions. Submit To Web Directories 8. Submit To Search Engines 9. Advertise In Pay Per Click Search Engines 10. Search Engine Optimization Software, Books, Tools & Resources
Web Rank
This page suggests ways to optimize and improve search engine results with ranking and placement advice
12 SEO Tools, Analyze Your Site, Optimize Your Site, Promote Your Site, Maintain Your Site
Keyword Marketing Buddy
Keyword Marketing Buddy is a great tool that lets you compare the popularity of several different keyword groups at once.
Keyword Density Tool
Shows you what to do to improve your Search Engine ranking
Keyword Suggestion Tool
This tool will show you approximately how many daily searches your keywords would get. Use this tool to research the best keywords for your website.
Best Keywords Finder
Best Keywords Finder finds the most commonly used keyword combinations
SEO Tools 136 SEO Tools
This SEO Tools page has links to the best SEO Tools on the internet and these tools will help you to optimize your website and move your search engine position higher.
SEO Book Tools
The 6 tools you need to use to become a highly-profitable SEO expert:
SEO Tools
A collection of Free SEO Tools that check Backlinks, PageRank, Inclusion, Indexing, Authority, Age, HTTP Status Code, Whois Data, and Outbound Links.
SEO Tools
Use our tools to find out what competitors did and interpret all data for your advantage.
SEO tools, search engine tools and webmaster tools
The idea of this website is to combine various SEO tools, internet tools and webmaster tools in one place and help webmasters to build a successfull website.
Free SEO Tools by SEOToolSet
Keyword Statistics, Check Server - issure thet may prevent ranking, Keyword Density Analyzer, Competition Research, Ranked Page Report, Link Analysis Report
SEO Story
SEO tools & Webmaster Tools, Check Google Pagerank, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Misspelling, Number of pages indexed, HTML Optimizer
The EZ Ecommerce SEO Checklist
Some aspects of Search Engine Optimization may be a bit arcane but the main principles are pretty clear. As an ecommerce company you need every bit of help to secure the competitive edge.
15 Minute SEO List - Learn how to SEO
Here is a checklist of the factors that affect your rankings with Google, MSN, Yahoo! and the other search engines.
HTML Optimization
This chapter and the ones that follow show you how to optimize and simplify your code for maximum speed, while still maintaining the functionality and visual appeal of your site.
Absolute HTML Compressor
Absolute HTML Compressor is an award-winning tool that optimizes HTML files so that their size reduces.
seomoz toolbox
The SEO ToolBox is a collection of FREE SEO tools.
Search Engine Optimization 101
Search Engine Optimization 101
Titles and Meta Tags
Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization
This guide provides a complete overview of many of the processes, techniques and strategies used by professional search engine optimization specialists.
HTML Tags Optimization
How to check all of the HTML tags for a page and make sure that they are optimized.
Extreme HTML Optimization
HTML optimization is the process of minimizing HTML file size to maximize page display speed.
Search Engine Watch
authorization guide to searching at internet search engines, search engine registration and ranking is
Website Promotion and SEO software
Get more customers and more sales through high search engine rankings
A free software application that allows you to create the Google SiteMaps XML
SEO Studio
Search Engine Submission: Search Engine Ranking: Keyword Analysis: Link Popularity Building: Run submission, ranking, keyword analysis reports unattended with the SEO Studio scheduler.
Making the Most of Your Content for Blended Search in Website Marketing
Search Engine Optimization, Google Optimization
SEO Chat - Every web site owner wants more traffic and higher rankings in the search engines. In the midst of an SEO campaign, however, it's easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees.
FAQ: Search Engine Optimization
Build your website for human beings, not search engines!
Top Directories with free web site submission
Here are the top ranking directories that allow free web site submission. By directory, it means the listings are categorised and edited by people, not automated scripts.
free web analysis tools
seo, web tools, pagerank, indexes, backlinks, whois, alexa, dmoz,speed, my ip
SERPs Finder
find rankings of your pages in all major search engines
Sitemap Generator
Generate an HTML site map to allow serarch engines to index more pages on your website.
Google Ranking Factors - SEO Checklist
There are "over 200 SEO factors" that Google uses to rank pages in the Google search results (SERPs). What are the search engine optimization rules?
Ultimate Collection of Free SEO Tools
This is a categorized listing of 105 free SEO tools you can use for optimizing websites.
Keyword Ontology Finder
This tool tries to find synonyms of the keywords you enter.
Google Search Engine Ranking factors
This document represents the collective wisdom of 37 leaders in the world of organic search engine optimization. Together, they have voted on the various factors that are estimated to comprise Google's ranking algorithm
Rank Tracker SEO Tool
Reveal How Well You Are Ranking For The Keywords
Free Keyword Suggestion Tool
Wordtracker - It's completely free, works on Windows
a freeware program that allows check your site search engine placement for multiple keywords, to see if your site is in the first top pages of a search engine result for a specific keyword search.

* * * * * * Website Marketing * * * * * *

Marketing Your Organization's Web Site
Marketing your Web site is as important as designing it -- how will you get people to visit your marvelous information if they don't know about it?
Internet Search Engine Database
Search Engine Analysis Internet Marketing Website Optimization Link Submission Search Engine Q&A
The Internet's free search engine submission service!
Use our free service for all your web site promotion & search engine submission
free web submission (50 search engines)
We provide free manual and auto submission to the highest-rated, Free Internet Search Engines and Directories. The Search Engines and Directories listed below are all ranked according to popularity.
Best Google Search Engine Submission Programs
Free Business Building Advice From Billionaires - The 6 tools you need to use to become a highly-profitable SEO expert: - Free SEO Tutorials
Free Search Engine Submission
Now you can get your web site submitted for free to over 100 leading search engines
affiliate scout
12914 Affiliate Programs in 539 Categories. Browse through the free directory below
associate programs directory
10379 programs listed Thousands of pages of affiliate programs, useful tips, money-making articles
The Web Marketing Checklist: 32 Ways to Promote Your Website
Note: The following article includes dozens of links to resources and more information -- much of it carefully organized on my website (and in some books) for further study, much of it entirely free.
Marketing plan, Website promotion and marketing strategy
When developing or updating plans, knowing where to start is often a challenge. To better develop effective strategies to use in your marketing plan, begin by gathering information about both your company and the larger environment (competition, trends, statistics, etc.).
Search Engine Marketing 101
Search Engine Watch covers search engine submission, optimization, and marketing issues. It explains how search engines find and rank web pages, with an emphasis on what webmasters can do to improve their search engine rankings by properly submitting, using better page design, and other tips.
website tips
Within the Internet Marketing, Online Marketing section you'll find annotated links to truly helpful Web marketing tutorials, sites, blogs, and more.
affiliates directory
Affiliate Programs Directory, where we list 8041 Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Click and Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs
lists thousands of programs offered by e-commerce vendors that share revenue with Website owners

* * * * * * Webmaster Tools * * * * * *

WebTools 4 Free
Website Promotion, Search Engine Analysis, Link Popularity, Meta Tag Generator, Site Traffic Rank, Keyword Density.
more Online Webmaster Tools
Search Engine Analyzer, Website Traffic Ranking Tool, DHTML Menu Maker
Webmaster Resources and Tools
4593 Free Resources for you to use for your web development needs.
Webmaster Tools
Sorted webmaster tools free of charge
Webmaster Tools
hit counters, web templates, photo albums, Java Scripts, clip art, site search, downloads, plus many more.
Online Webmaster Tools
Free Webmaster Tools
website analyzer
Use the site analyzer to get a comprehensive report of your site. It's fast & free
Webmaster Online Tools & Resource Center
Free Website Templates, Online Image Editing Tools, Online Webmaster Tools, SEO / Site Promotion, Free Stock Photos
The Webalizer is a fast, free web server log file analysis program.
Deep Log Analyzer
Web analytics and website statistics software. Download FREE version today! No obligations involved. No registration required
OneStat Free Hit Counter and Web Analytics
Advanced web analytics for marketers and webmasters who want to track visitor behavior
Online Webmaster Tools
Web Site Promotion, Meta Tag Generator, DHTML Menu Maker, Graphic Navigation Bar Generator, Sitemap Menu Generator, many more.
Webmaster Tool Kit
Keyword Research, Keyword Analysis, Search Position, Link Popularity, Search Engine Simulator, Meta Tag Generator, Web Page Analysis.
Site Rank Tool
Gives site stats, page rank and traffic, inbound links, indexed pages, site rank in %
browser shots
check how your website renders in different browsers
Google translate
Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages.
Web Tools
Here you will find over 500 + useful links to some of the best resources on the Internet for web and graphic design information, tools, free code, and tutorials.
Web Page Analyzer
Free Website Performance Tool and Web Page Speed Analysis
web page analyzer
This free online tool will check your metatags and page content for errors.
AWStats is a free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web statistics graphically
Web Site Analysis
Checks keywords in Title, Description and Body for effectiveness

* * * * * * Forums * * * * * *

Simple Machines Forum
a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes.
phpBB has become the most widely used Open Source forum solution. phpBB 3.0 "Olympus" has an easy to use administration panel and a user friendly installation process, which allows you to have a forum set up in minutes.
Vanilla forum
Vanilla is an open-source, standards-compliant, multi-lingual, fully extensible discussion forum for the web
Pro Boards
Welcome to the Internet's premier forum provider, hosting over 20 million members at 2 million forums! You can go ahead and create your own forum for free
ProBoards Support - Proboard Tutorial
The help guide uses a recorded step by step demo to show you exactly how to do what you want
Creating a ProBoards forum colour scheme
This tutorial was written for GIMP, a free graphics editing program.
Proboards Advertisement Forum Info
Proboards Advertisement Forum - Administration / Moderation Tutorial
Creating a ProBoards forum colour scheme
This tutorial was written for GIMP, a free graphics editing program.
Making your own free web sight on Proboards.com
This Tutorial will teach you how to make your own free sight on proboards.com
eblah forum
E-Blah is open source community building forum software built with security, stability, and speed in mind.
Forum Software for the Web
An independent guide to discussion forum & message board software
Orca 2 Interactive forum script
100% Ajax forum script with enhanced self-moderation features, WYSIWYG editor, SEO friendly URLs, RSS feeds and real-time activity tracking.
The official homepage for MyBB, a free PHP and MySQL based discussion system
Digital Point Forums
WHich is the best FREE forum software?
free message board reviews
Message boards are a great add-on to your website. They allow your users to talk and discuss your site, or anything else they feel like. You'll get a lot of return visitors when people keep checking back for new messages.
site gadgets 100% free for life
SiteGadgets.com offers 23 different gadgets to spice up your website! Our gadgets let you keep visitors coming back
aimoo message board
Looking for a FREE MESSAGE BOARD solution? Aimoo provides one of the most powerful, feature rich,community based message board services available!
Free forum software released under the GPL and powered by PHP with multiple backend databases available.
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