Descriptive STATISTICS: Z ScoreTI-83%20calculator
Introduction:  The Z score is the number of standard deviations the data value falls above (positive Z score) or below (negative Z score) the mean for the data set. The Z score for a sample value in a data set is obtained by subtracting the mean of the data set from the value and dividing the result by the standard deviation of the data set.
 Formula  formula%20Z%20Score  
  Note: This program is in TI-BASIC and can be entered into the calculator by the calculator keyboard. Do not enter the outline, line numbers or comments, they are for reference only. The example programs below are for testing the program. If you get the values listed, the program was entered correctly. If not, check the listing and correct it. The program has been checked and tested.
  Note: -> is the [STO->] on the calculator keyboard.
Line  Command or Statement  Comments
   1.  ClrHome  Clear Screen
   2.  Disp "SELECT LIST OR"  Instructions
     ,"DATA TO BEGIN -"        |
     ,"USE COMMAS BTWN"        |
     ,"NUMBERS IN LIST"        |
     ,"ENTER M, S, & R",        |
     ,"FOR DATA"  End Instructions
   3.  Pause  
   4.  ClrHome
   5.  Menu("ZSCORE","LIST",L,"DATA",D  
   6.  Lbl D  Data input
   7.  Input "MEAN =",M  
   8.  Input "SD =",S  
   9.  Goto X  
 10.  Lbl L  List input
 11.  Input "L1 =",Str1  L1
 12.  expr("{"+Str1->L1  
 13.  mean(L1)->M  
 14.  stdDev(L1)->S  
 15.  Lbl X  display
 16.  Input "RAW=",R  
 17.  ((R-M)/S)->Z  formula for mean
 18.  Disp "Z="  
 19.  Disp Z  
 20.  Disp "TABLE VALUE"  
 21.  normalcdf(0,R,M,S)->T  
 22.  Disp T  
 23.  Pause  
 24.  ClrHome