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Spreadsheet Definition
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Free Spreadsheet Software
Sphygmic Spreadsheet - 125 built-in functions, including text handling, statistical, date/time, and financial functions, read, write Excel  4.0 files, built-in charting module.
Abykus free Spreadsheet
Free Spreadsheet program that allows objects (i.e., matrixes, tables, coordinates, polygons, cross-sections, etc.) to be stored in individual cells, which makes the spreadsheet especially suited for scientific applications, land surveyors, civil engineers.
Free Spreadsheet Office Suite software
Open Office, Office Suite, SpreadCE, Sphygmic Spreadsheet, Gnumeric Spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet Library
Over 150 free small business spreadsheets
Free Spreadsheet Software
an alternative to buying Excel
Writer (word processor), CALC (spreadsheet), Impress (presentation), Draw
Car Buying Spreadsheet & Tips
These car buying spreadsheets cover budgets, loans, leases. used car bill of sale and making your offer to the dealer. Use these spreadsheets with your car price quotes.
Free Real Estate Spreadsheets
free downloads of real estate and mortgage software spreadsheets.
Free Real Estate Spreadsheets
Real Estate Spreadsheets
Free Real Estate Spreadsheets
Free Genealogy Spreadsheets

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Excel Tutorials
Free Excel Tutorials
Open Office Spreadsheet Tutorial
To help you learn OpenOffice as fast as possible, we have created a series of tutorials that walk you step-by step through each of the important concepts you’ll need to master OpenOffice.
Calc Tutorial in pictures
Microsoft Excel Online Tutorial
Open Office/Star Office Calc Tutorial
To download a tutorial in the OpenOffice format, click on the blue underlined OO for the tutorial.
Open Office Calc Tutorial
Basic Spreadsheet Tutorial
So let's get started digging into what makes a spreadsheet work. Spreadsheets are made up of * columns * rows * and their intersections are called cells

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