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Note: This is the result of running this page ("HTML Editors") through this "Site Readiness Analyzer". The results are displayed below. Also some other "free" SEO tools are located here. "free SEO Tools"  With this information, it is hoped that you can achieve basic SEO to improve your site position and traffic. You should use more than one "Web Page Analyzer" because they are not all the same, and the advice differs. Then you need to use your best judgement to find out "what works best for you".
   You do have Meta-Tag Keywords in your site. These will help your sites positioning in the search engines.
 You are using your keywords ineffectively.  We suggest that you simply add some
 You are only using 115 characters when  more keywords into your Meta-Tag Keyword list.
  you can use up to 1000.  The Keywords you are currently using are listed below
   For more information on Keyword Meta-Tags Click Here.
   You are not spamming your keywords, they will be accepted by the search engines

       Your Keywords Are:
 web hosting  free software downloads
 web design  web page design
 free software  web site design
 website design  

  You are using your Title effectively

     Your Title is:
   HTML Editors include WYSIWYG Editors make web design easy, website design without knowing HTML code.
You are using your keywords within your Title effectively, you are using 2 of your keywords in your Title.

      PROBLEM         SOLUTION
 You are using your Description ineffectively.   We suggest that you make your description longer
 You are only using 81 characters when you can use up to 250.   and try to include as many of your main keywords as possible.

       Your Description is:
 HTML editors are software applications for creating website design and web pages.
 You are not using your keywords within your description effectively,   To correct this situation, contact your web site programmer or,
 you are using 1 of your keywords in your description, when you should use at least 3.   contact our Customer Service Department and request a quote to implement any changes. Toll Free (877)855-2003

 You are using your Keywords as follows in the body of your page:
 web hosting  6 times  Good, do nothing
 web design  6 times  Good, do nothing
 free software  0 times  Add to your web page text
 website design  2 times  Good, do nothing
 free software downloads  0 times   Add to your web page text
 web page design  1 time  Good, do nothing
 web site design  0 times   Add to your web page text
      PROBLEM          SOLUTION
 You are not using your keywords within the body of your page effectively,   We suggest that you add some of your keywords into the body of your main page.
  you are using 4 of your keywords in the body of your page, when you should use at least 5.
  For more information on the body section of a page Click Here

       File Sizes:
 Home Page  27.70Kb  17.64Kb  17.18Kb  1.21Kb
 Total 63.73Kb  
 Your page size is greater than 40Kb. It is recommended that your home page be no more than 40Kb and the other pages in your site be no more than 30Kb.  It is recommended that you reduce your page size, or image sizes, or reduce the number of images used, in order to decrease the overall file size

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   On 128Kbs DSL   8.04 Seconds
   On 512Kbs DSL/Cable   2.01 Seconds
   On 1024Kbps DSL/Cable  1.01 Seconds
 Your Download Time is good.