Screenshots of AceHTML Editor
 AceHTML File From the menu go to: File > New >
Use this command to create a new document in AceHTML.
From the menu go to: File > Open...
Use this command to open an existing document in a new window.
 AceHTML File1 From the menu go to: File > Save.
Use this command to save the active document to its current name and directory.
From the menu go to: File >Save As...
Select to close a single focused document. If unsaved, you will be prompted to '"Save somename.html?".
 AceHTML Edit From the menu go to: Edit > Undo
Use this command to reverse the last editing action, if possible.
From the menu go to: Edit > Cut.
Use this command to remove currently selected text from the document and put it on the clipboard.
From the menu go to: Edit > Copy.
Use this command to copy selected text onto the clipboard.
 AceHTML Edit1 From the menu go to: Edit > Paste.
Use this command to insert a copy of the clipboard contents at the insertion point.
From the menu go to: Edit > Find Next....
Use this command to search for specific text in current document.
 AceHTML View   AceHTML View1 
 AceHTML Syntax   AceHTML Syntax1 
 AceHTML Tools  AceHTML Tools1 
 AceHTML Help  AceHTML Help1
 AceHTML Help Contents  AceHTML Help Index1
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