Pie Chart Information and Reference
1. Enter the values required
  Note: Use a comma or semicolon between each number (see manual 17.5 and 17.6)
The values can also be entered as:
or a=5 times [1,2,3,4,5,3,2] is a=[5,10,15,20,25,15,10]
Note: 1..5 means values 1 through 5
(see manual 17.5 Fields)
To generate a field, a sequence of numbers is assigned to a variable. The sequence is written in square brackets and separated by commas.
RedCrab Pie Chart Screenshot

fig. 1  Pie Chart values
Pie Charts
Understanding Pie Charts
fig. 2  Pie Charts
Reference: Pie Chart Images
Reference: Pie Chart Images w/labels & Legends

 Charting Information and Reference
  c1=a[1]=5.00 or c1=first number in list  a
  c2=a[2]=10.00 or c2=second number in list  a
  c3=a[3]=15.00 or c3=third number in list  a
  c4=a[4]=20.00 or c4=fourth number in list  a
  c5=a[5]=25.00 or c5=fifth number in list  a
  c6=a[6]=15.00 or c6=sixth number in list  a
  c7=a[7]=10.00 or c7=seventh number in list  a

  17.6 Multidimensional fields
To generate multi-line fields, separate each row by a semicolon.
  17.5 Fields
To generate a field, a sequence of numbers is assigned to a variable. The sequence is written in square brackets and separated by commas.
Reference: Pie Chart Generator
Reference: Bar, Line, Pie Chart Generator

fig. 3  Value Positions
Reference: Make a Pie Chart
Reference: Google Online Graph Maker
fig. 4  Graphing Trig Functions
Reference: Graph Chart Labels Image Results
Reference: Bar Chart Labels

 Charting Information and Reference

   Making field c = c1 thru c7

Alternate method:

Learn about charts

Individual components of a field can be accessed via the index.
x = [11..20]
y = x[1,4,6..8] = 11 14 16 17 18
y= first number in list x or 11, then fourth number in list or 14, etc.

fig. 5  Value Label
Reference: Graphing Trig Functions
Perimeter = 2(side a + side b)
fig. 6  Lists (fields) and Labels
Reference: field_file_record
Reference: List

 Graphing Information and Reference
Insert Menu
Click on Insert (in menu Bar) - gives drop down menu
   Image File
   Text File
   Text Box
   Result Box
   Chart Box
Click on Chart Box - inserts Chart Box into the Screen Editor

Chart boxes are advanced result boxes to display results graphically. (13.7)


fig. 7  Rhombus Area and Perimeter
area = ah
perimeter = 4a
fig. 8  Rhombus Online Calculator
Reference: rhombus calculator
Reference: rhombus calculator

 Graphing Information and Reference

   4. click on undock [from vertical display(gives vertical Result Table)]


fig. 9  
fig. 10  

Graphing Information and Reference

Chart Box 5. Right click on chartbox opens the popup menu.


fig. 11  Triangle Area
   Area = (1/2)bh
   Perimeter = a+b+c
fig. 12  Triangle Online Calculator
   Reference: Triangle
   Reference: Triangle

 Graphing Information and Reference

  Click on "Chart Serie" then click on Pie
  Sets the type of chart (or graph) to Pie Chart

  Click on "Chart Serie" then click on Bar
  Sets the type of chart (or graph) to Bar Graph

  Chart Types:
    Line - Line graphs: A line graph is a way of representing two pieces of information, which is usually related and vary with respect to each other.
    Area - Area Graphs: These graphs are used to show how something changes with respect to time.
    Point - The Point chart type uses value points to represent its data.
    Bar - Bar Chart: is a chart with rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the values that they represent.
    Pie - Pie Charts: A pie chart shows percentage values as a slice of a pie.

fig. 13  Kite Area
fig. 14  Kite Online Calculator

 Graphing Information and Reference
  Click on Chart Options - then 3D and Marks

  With Chart Options item you can choose the properties of the Chart box.

Axis       scale
3D         3-D representation
Marks     write values in the graph
Legends   Legend of several data series shown

  Pie Chart Legend

  Pie Chart Legend Immages

  Pie Chart Labeling

fig. 15  Circle Area
   Area = πR²
   Circumference = 2πR
fig. 16  Circle Information and Reference
Reference: Circle Area
Reference: Circle Area

 Graphing Information and Reference

   Click on "c" then paste, places c in Reference Variable

  Reference variable is one which holds reference (locations) to a variable.

  The idea of a reference is that the data itself is stored in one location, and the reference contains the address to those locations.

fig 17  Pentagon Area and Perimeter
   Area = S²N / (4tan(π/N))
   Perimeter = 5 S
fig 18  Pentagon Information and Reference
   Reference: Pentagon Area and Perimeter
   Reference: Pentagon Area and Perimeter

Graphing Information and Reference

Click on Enter
(displays pie chart)

       Red = 5%
    Green = 10%
   Yellow = 15%
      Blue = 20%
    White = 25%
     Gray = 15%
    Violet = 10%

   Reference: Hexagon Calculators
   Reference: Hexagon Calculators

fig. 19  Pie Chart Display
   Area = (3√3)/2 S²
   Perimeter = 6 S
fig. 20  Hexagon Online Calculator
   Reference: Hexagon Calculator
   Reference: Hexagon Calculator

 Charting Information and Reference
1. Chart Area
2. Plot Area
3. Horizontal Axis (Category)
4. Vertical Axis (Value)
5. Title (top of Chart Area)
6. Label (top or bottom of bar column)
7. Legend (no legend displayed)

   Reference: Bar Graph Illustrations
   Reference: Bar Chart

fig. 21  Bar Chart Display
   Area = (3√3)/2 S²
   Perimeter = 6 S
fig. 22  Hexagon Online Calculator
   Reference: Hexagon Calculator
   Reference: Hexagon Calculator

Graphing Information and Reference

  Click on Enter (displays pie chart)

        Red = 5%
    Green = 10%
   Yellow = 15%
      Blue = 20%
    White = 25%
      Gray = 15%
    Violet = 10%

   Reference: Hexagon Calculators
   Reference: Hexagon Calculators

fig. 23  Bar Graph Display
   Area = 2(1+√2)S²
   Perimeter = 8 S
fig. 24  Formua Library
   Reference: Formula Library
   Reference: Formula Library List

   √ = Crtl + 1
   x² (or exponent 2) = F3 + 2
   π = Ctrl + P
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Maxima software is useful for manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions, ordinary differential equations, polynomials, lists, systems of linear equations and sets.
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Plane Geometry
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This book is a textbook for the course of foundations of geometry. It is addressed to mathematics students in Universities and to High School students for deeper learning the elementary geometry.
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