Precise Calculator
  Precise Calculator is a free programmable scientific calculator with basic functions like algebra, geometry, logarithms and base conversion. Also, statistic calculations like standard deviation and regression

Go to: free calculators

download "Precise Calculator" and install it. Then open it. Cut
the below macro (program) and paste it to the upper edit box

  H=4; R=6; print "Cylinder";
  print " volume= ",pi*R^2*H;
  print " surface area= ",2*pi*R*(R+H)

then click on "Macro" in the Precise Calculator toolbar
click on "new" and name the macro "cylinder", then click on
OK. You have saved your first program.
Next time when you open the calculator, click on macro and
then click on "cylinder" to open the program.


   fig. 1  Precise Calculator main screen

  There should be assignments to variables at the beginning of a formula.
  Example: volume of a cylinder can be written as r=6; h=4; print "volume=" pi*r^2*h.
  Then you can use the computer keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2 to easily change the values of the variables r and h.
   You can choose a file for the macros in the File / Savemacros as (choose the name for the macro) then click "save".
  Or you can click on Macro / New then Name of macro: (choose the name of the macro) then click "OK".


fig. 2  Cylinder Macro

 The first edit box after the label "Precision:" holds number of significant digits. The second edit box is visible only in the Fix mode and means maximal number of digits after the decimal point.
  The checkbox "a/b" enables or disables fractions in the result. A numerator and a denominator are 32-bit integers (approximately 9 digits).

  round = round to nearest interger    round 3.78 = 4
  gcd = greatest common devisor
  nCr = combination
  frac = fractional part    frac 3.78 = 0.78
  lsh = shift left
  sqrt = square root
  exp = exponential function
  ln = natural logarithm    base e = 2.71828...
  log = common logarithm    base b = 10
  sin = sine, (opposite side/hypotenuse)
  cos = cosine, (adjacent side/hypotenuse)
  tan = tangent, (opposite side/ adjacent side)
  abs = absolute value
  ^ = power

fig. 3  Precise Calculator Keypad

 To access the alternate keys on the calculator keypad, hold down the "Shift" key on the computer keyboard then press the "listed key" on the calculator keypad, or check Inv to change the keypad.

  int = round down
  trun = interger part    trun 3.78 = 3
  dms    converts degrees, minutes & seconds to degrees
  ceil = round up
  real = real part
  lcm = lowest common multiple
  exp = 10^
  imag = imaginary part

fig. 4  Precise Calculator Alternate Keypad

 To access the alternate keys on the calculator keypad, hold down the "Shift" key on the computer keyboard then press the "listed key" on the calculator keypad, or check Inv to change the keypad.

x=   ave( = mean, ave= sum/count
x²=   aveq( = mean of squared values
SD=   stdev( = standard deviation
Σ=   sum( = total sum
Σx²=   sumq( = sum of squared values
var(   = variance, var=(sumq-sum^2/count)/(count-1)
min( = minimum value
max( = maximal value
med( = median, middle value
rand=   random number
count(x)=   number of items in list (x)
mod=   remainder
goto=   jump to a label

fig. 5  Precise Calculator Alternate Keypad + Precise Calculator Keypad

 You can create submenus in the menu Macro. Rename a macro and use the backslash character to separate a submenu name and an item name. Submenus can be nested to any depth.
  Example: 3-D\Cylinder
    Macro name: 3-D
    macro submenu: Cylinder


fig. 6  Macro submenu

Macros (programs) of 3-D figures  

 CYLINDER (do not copy title "CYLINDER")
H=4; R=6; print "Cylinder";
  print " volume= ",pi*R^2*H;
  print " surface area= ",2*pi*R*(R+H); print ""; print
" H= height of cylinder"; print " R= radius of cylinder"
Cylinder (solution: do not copy)
  volume= 452.3893421
  surface area= 376.9911184

    H= height of cylinder
    R= radius of cylinder
 SPHERICAL CAP (do not copy title "SPHERICAL CAP")
r=6; h=3; print "Spherical Cap"; print " volume=",(pi/3)
*h^2*(3*r-h); print " surface area=", 2*pi*r*h; print
"";print " r= radius of cap"; print " h= height of cap"
Spherical Cap (solution: do not copy)
  volume= 141.3716694
  surface area= 113.0973355

    r= radius of cap
    h= height of cap

 CONE (do not copy title "CONE")
R=6; H=4; print "Cone"; print " volume=", pi*R^2*H/3;
print " surface area=", pi*R^2+pi*R*sqrt(R^2+H^2);
print ""; print " R= radius"; print " H= height"
Cone (solution: do not copy)
  volume= 150.7964474
  surface area= 249.0234163

    R= radius
    H= height

 SPHERICAL CONE (do not copy title "SPHERICAL CONE")
r=4; h=3; R=6; print "Spherical Cone"; print "
volume=",2/3*pi*R^2*h; print " surface area=", pi*R*
(2*h+r); print ""; print " R= radius of sphere"; print "
r= radius of cone"; print " h= height of cap"
Spherical Cone (solution: do not copy)
  volume= 226.1946711
  surface area= 226.1946711

    R= radius of sphere
    r= radius of cone
    h= height of cap

 PYRAMID (do not copy title "PYRAMID")
L=5; W=6; H=4; print "Pyramid";
print " volume=",L*W*H/3;
print " surface area= ",L*sqrt((L/2)^2+H^2)+
W*sqrt((W/2)^2+H^2)+L*W;print""; print "
L= length of pyramid base"; print "
W= width of pyramid base";
print " H= height of pyramid"
 Pyramid (solution: do not copy)
  volume= 40
  surface area= 83.58495283

   L= length of pyramid base
   W= width of pyramid base
   H= height of pyramid
 TOPLESS CONE (do not copy title "TOPLESS CONE")
R1=6; R2=3; H=4; print "Topless Cone";
print " volume=",pi*(R1^2+R1*R2+R2^2)*H/3;
s=sqrt((R1-R2)^2+H^2);print " surface area=",pi*(R2*
(R2+s)+R1*(R1+s));print"";print" R1= large radius";
print " R2= small radius";print " H= height"

Topless Cone (solution: do not copy)
  volume= 263.8937829
  surface area= 282.7433388

    R1= large radius
    R2= small radius
    H= height

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