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Terry Love's Consumer Toilet Reports
Tips and Articles on low water efficient toilets
Toilet Repair - Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
The handy step-by-step articles listed below will teach you how to repair or fix any toilet part that may be causing your toilet to not function correctly.
Making Simple Toilet Repairs
There are many simple plumbing repairs that you can make yourself, saving both the time and expense of calling a plumber.
Toilet Repair
How to for the Do It Yourself - Leaks at the Toilet Tank Flushing Valves are caused by the following problems...
Toilet Repair
Instructions for 10 Common Problems
Free Toilet Repair Course
Toiletology 101 as an online toilet repair course
How Toilets Work
Parts of a Toilet, The Bowl Siphon, The Flush Mechanism, The Refill Mechanism, Putting It All Together
Plumbing parts
Pictures, name, price
Toilet Repair:
Leaks, Tanks and Bowls
Toilet Repair:
How To Unclog A Toilet, How to Unclog a Drain
Repair a Leaky Toilet
To check for a slow leak, add some food coloring or dye tablets to the water in the tank and wait thirty minutes. If the color seeps into the toilet bowl, you have a leak.

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