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Faucet Basics
Faucet basic parts, Compression valves, Ball-type valves, Cartridge type valves, Faucets with ceramic disks, Special tools.
Phoenix Faucets
Replacement Parts, service instruction and repair guide
How to Restore Faucets
You'll find only two basic kinds of faucets; washer-type (or compression) faucets and washerless faucets
compression faucet repair
Inspect the stem assembly for damage. Check the rubber washer on the end. If it looks OK, unscrew the packing nut to see whether there is damage to the O-rings inside
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You won't find a better selection of faucets or faucet repair parts anywhere else on the Internet.
Fixing A Leaky Faucet
Home repair expert Henry Harrison shows a guest how to get rid of a drip by replacing her faucet assembly.
Faucet repair parts: washerless faucet stems by major manufacturers
Stem Categories; Ceramic Stems, Compression Stems, Washerless Cartridges 0" - 1 1/2" long, 1 1/2" - 2" long, 2" - 3" long, 3" - 3 5/8" long, 3 5/8" - 4 3/4" long, 4 3/4" and longer, Stem Seats
Repairing Faucets
There are a few different types and combinations of faucets: single-handle or two-handled shut-offs that are compression or washerless (cartridge, ball or disc mechanism).
Faucet Repair
Leaky faucets, while not as serious a problem as leaky toilets, can waste a significant amount of water. Faucets typically leak because of old gaskets or O-rings and corroded valve seats. The single most common mistake in faucet repair is not taking along the faucet/parts when buying the replacement parts.
Faucet Brand Index
Click The Brand To See The PartsAvailable Online.
How to Restore Faucets
Faucets are sold in many different makes and models, but the common ones fall into just a few types. You'll find only two basic kinds of faucets; washer-type (or compression) faucets and washerless faucets.
Faucets; Buyers Guide
Basic types; Valves; Ball,  Compression, Ceramic disc; Materials and Finishes;  How to Fix a Leaky Faucet.
Delta Faucet - Customer Support
How to: Troubleshoot Your Faucet, Install a Faucet, How to install a Pilar Faucet, Care for Your New Faucet, Find Your Perfect, Kitchen Faucet, Find Your Perfect Fixture for the Bath, Find Repair Parts for My Product, Need Help? Contact Us
Complete Illustrated Guide to Everything Sold in hardware
Here's a comprehensive, portable reference containing virtually every tool and product sold in hardware and garden supply stores (except plants!).
How To Clean or Replace a Faucet Aerator
Cleaning or replacing the aerator is very easy and you might be able to do it without any tools.
Faucet Repair
Though plumbing problems may seem complicated, many -- such as the most common one, the leaky faucet -- are fairly simple to fix if approached methodically.
How to Fix a Leaky Faucet
A leaky faucet can cost you a significant amount of money if it is not taken care of right away because it will not be long until those drops have accumulated gallons of water that have gone to waste. To fix it you first need to figure out what kind of faucet you have so you can get replacement parts.
Repairing Faucets and Valves
Repairing a Leaky Washer-Type Faucet - Repairing a Noisy Faucet - Repairing Washer-Type Bath and Shower Faucets - Washerless Faucets - Diaphram-Type Faucets - Disc-Type Faucets - Ball-Type Single-Lever Faucets - Cartridge Faucets
Fixing Faucets
Instructions and Pictures - You can perform common repairs on household faucets with basic tools.
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How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet
Replace an existing single-handle faucet with a new model that matches your sink configuration
How To Install A Faucet
The hardest part... removing the old faucet! Then clean up the sink and install the new faucet!
Types of Faucets and How to Tell Them Apart
Identifying your faucet type is an essential first step before any repair. This tutorial will give you an overview of the four most common types of faucets used in the home: * Ball * Disc * Cartridge * Compression
Replacing a Faucet
Lowe's - Tools & Materials, Faucet Selection, What's That Doodad Called? Removing an Old Faucet, Installing a New Faucet, Hooking Up Supply Lines, Attaching a Sink Sprayer, Installing a Pop-up Drain
How to Replace a Faucet
Instructions with Illustrations - Here are tips and instructions on how to replace sink, bath and shower faucets.
Faucet Installation and Repair
Learn how to replace a kitchen or bathroom faucet.

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Faucet Repair Tools
Cartridge Removers - Seat Wrenches - Handle Pullers - Hex Wrenches - Telescopic Basin Wrenches - Repair Kits
Adjustable wrench
The adjustable end wrench, with smooth jaws whose gripping faces are displaced to a (typically) 15 degree angle relative to the tool's handle
Adjustable Sink Wrench
The wrenchs jaws are adjustable from 1 in. to 3 in. and feature a convenient notch for grabbing on to basket strainer lock nuts. The Adjustable Wrench is also safe for use on plastic, brass and other soft metals
Faucet Tools
Faucet Reseater Tool - Faucet Repair Kit - 4 Way Faucet Wrench - Tapered Seat Wrench - Faucet Handle Puller - Stem and Cartridge Puller
Ridgid Model 2006 Faucet & Sink Installer
The RIDGID Model No. 2006 Faucet and Sink Installer is a multipurpose under-sink plumbing tool. This tool is used to fasten and remove plastic basin nuts, supply line nuts, along with 7/8 in. and 1 in. hex nuts.
Basin wrench
A basin wrench is a self-tightening wrench mounted at the end of a torque tube with a transverse handle at the opposite end
tools glossary, an illustrated glossary of tool terms

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Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide
Number of holes in sink, type of handle, what kind of sprayer, what type of filter, style & finish .
Faucet Part Guide
Part Guide with pictures, drawings and part numbers
Faucet Repair Parts
Danco Company Faucet Repair Parts/kits
T&S Faucet Repair Kit
includes stems, screws, washers, nuts, collars
Spindle Repair Kit
It comes with one right handle spindle, one left handle spindle, two screws and two seat washers
Plumbing parts
Pictures, drawings, part numbers - Pictures of item, Drawing - parts breakdown with part numbers
Plumbing parts
Click The Brand To See The PartsAvailable Online.
faucet repair stems
Stems and Cartridgres - Brands Listed in Alphabetical Order
faucet repair handles
Faucet Handles - Brands Listed in Alphabetical Order
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