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Plumbing Survival 101
There are times when emergency repairs have to be taken care of immediately. The homeowner needs to have both knowledge and a few basic tools
Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association (PPFA)
Products-Uses-Codes-Standards-Certification-Industry Links
How-to Plastic Piping tutorial
In this tutorial, you will learn how plastic piping is used, and how to measure, cut, and join plastic piping. Plastic piping comes in many varieties to address many uses.
Swimming Pools
Swimming pool plastic piping Tutorials.
Irrigation Tutorials
Installation of Underground Piping; Trench Depth, Pipe Materials; Assembling PVC Pipe, Flushing; Install Sprinkler Heads and Emitters
Glossary of Landscape Irrigation Terms
(Complete with some really bad jokes and puns.) The opinions expressed here are those of the author, who is known to have strong opinions on just about anything and everything
Drip Irrigation System Design Guidelines
Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigating. While sprinkler systems are around 75-85% efficient, drip systems typically are 90% or higher.

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