NOTE: Not all hardware can be overclocked. Research the components you wish to overclock using a search engine such as Google, and check if they are capable of being overclocked. Searching the model number of your motherboard along with "overclock" should help you determine whether the system is capable.

General Overclocking Guide     Overclocking the CPU     Overclocking the GPU     Overclocking the RAM     Overclocking Software & Tools

General Overclocking Guide

Intel Core 2 Duo basic overclocking guide
This guide is intended to offer a quick and easy way for beginners to start overclocking their Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

Ultimate Overclocking Guide
This guide has been written to help overclocking newcomers get started on the road to mad overclocking skill.

How-to overclock
Overclocking is the process of making various components of your computer run at faster speeds than they do when you first buy them.

CPU Overclocking Guide
An illustrated guide that will take you through the entire CPU overclocking process, step by step.

Overclocking Software & Tools
Note: You can monitor all temperatures in your computer that have a sensor with the right software.

Best overclocking software:
To help novice overclockers get started we've put together this collection of best overclocking software.

Overclocking Software & Tools
When it comes down to software we use to test, monitor, stress and validate our overclocked computers, what do people use, and why?

Overclocking the RAM
A Newbie's Guide to Overclocking Memory
The clock controls the Front-Side Bus (FSB) and the different components use that bus speed to determine their own speed. With a single speed available from the FSB, this creates the need for “multipliers” – a term you often hear.

Overclocking the CPU

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Overclocking Guide
The overclocking potential of the Core 2 Duo processors is incredible and it is really unlike anything we have seen before.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Review
The Intel Core 2 Duo and Quad CPUs have been wildly successful in terms of both performance and the ability to overclock like nobody's business.

Overclocking a Core 2 Duo Processor
The Core 2 Duo is an excellent processor for overclocking. Overall, the Core 2 Duo architecture is highly efficient in terms of energy consumption

Gigabyte X38/P35/P965 (DS* DQ* S3) Overclocking and General BIOS tweaking Guide
This guide assumes you can get the board to boot at default settings and you can get into the BIOS without issues. It also assumes the OS is installed and the latest drivers video have been installed.

How To Overclock Your CPU Taking your CPU to its limits can backfire. Here you can find out how to reduce the risks when overclocking your CPU.

Overclocking the GPU
Top 5 GPU Overclocking Utilities
Technology changed and different companies came up with better cooling solutions to allow end users and enthusiasts more headroom for overclocking and with the introduction of utilities which allow realtime overclocking, not only it became easier but safer too.

Guide to overclocking your GPU
Tools for graffics card overclocking:RivaTunerPowerStripRadClocker (ATI Only)ATITool (ATI only)NVMax (nVidia only)CoolBits (nVidia only) RivaTuner and Powerstrip

How to Overclock Your Graphics Card
If your current graphics card is serving you well, and you’re just looking for a little something extra to increase performance, overclocking may be the better way to go. And it will certainly be more affordable

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