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Swamp Cooler
(evaporative coolers) Description - typical    units
Two Stage Evaporative Coolers
Two-stage evaporative coolers improve efficiency and reduce the amount of moisture added to the air.
Two-Stage Evaporative Cooler
Evaporative cooling has made a major leap forward with the introduction of a two-stage model specially designed for residential applications.
AdobeAir Evaporative Coolers
Evaporative cooling is cool the way nature intended … through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling is cooler, cleaner and better. Natural cooling is cleaner and more energy efficient.
Home Energy Evaporative Cooling
Two-stage evaporative coolers operate at a fraction of the energy costs of conventional residential air conditioning and can keep a home comfortably cool when outside temperatures soar
Consumer Energy Center
Two-stage evaporative coolers can reduce the temperature of outside air by as much as 50°F (for example, from 115°F to 65°F), while delivering air that is less humid than that from a single-stage evaporative cooler.
Installing & Maintaining Evaporative Coolers
Evaporative coolers cost only one-tenth to one-fourth as much to operate as refrigeration air conditioning and are much cheaper to buy ($400-$800). This makes them an excellent option, particularly in hot, dry areas of the country.
Evaporative Cooler Manufactures
Energy Services
Swamp coolers--also called direct evaporative coolers--have long been used to provide cooling in the hot, dry Southwest. They cost less than standard air conditioners and use 60-80 percent less electricity.
Energy IQ
Air conditioning energy usage can account for about 25% of a buildings overall energy usage. However, the cost of cooling energy can equal 50% of electrical utility expenses with the combination of peak temperatures and rates during the summer
Modern Evaporative Coolers
Not all evaporative coolers are created equal. Modern machines operate more efficiently and with much less fuss than the old swamp coolers did.
U. S. Dept. of Energy
Explore your options for saving energy and using renewable energy at home, at work, in your community, and while driving.
Climate Control Systems
One of the finest evaporative coolers on the market today, the Breezair combines sleek, upscale design with Seeley’s dependable solid-quality construction. The result is an unobtrusive – yet incredibly attractive – powerhouse of cooling efficiency.
The Bacteria, Mold, Mildew Problem
Bacteria, mold, and mildew proliferate in warm, humid, and stagnant places where there is a food source. An evaporative cooler that is off for several hours is one of these places.
Air Conditioning Information
Links for air conditioning information from buying tips to repair
Climate Control
Links to air conditioner information and similar sites
Air Conditioner Problems
Doesn't cool - Doesn't turn on - Major room temperature swings - Room temperature goes too low - Air handler squeals - Water pools next to air conditioner - Air ducts are noisy
Tips for Air Conditioning
Air Conditioners Buying Guide. What to look for in a central air conditioner, with handy air conditioning repair tips.
General Cooling Tips
It costs you more money and uses more energy to heat and cool your home than any other system in your home. Typically, 44% to 50% of your utility bills pays for heating and cooling your home.
Energy Savers
First, check the insulation in your attic, ceilings, exterior and basement walls, floors, and crawl spaces to see if it meets the levels recommended for your area. Insulation is measured in R-values—the higher the R-value, the better your walls and roof will resist the transfer of heat.
Insulation Guide
Checking your home's insulating system is one of the fastest and most cost- efficient ways to use a whole-house approach to reduce energy waste and maximize your energy dollars.
Building Insulation Applications
The Energy Efficient Codes Coalition is a broad-based alliance working to increase energy efficiency in the International Energy Conservation Code by 30 percent.
Roofing Comparison Calculator
ENERGY STAR® labeled roof products can help you save money and the environment by reducing your energy use. They work by reflecting more of the sun's energy back into the atmosphere, keeping your building cooler and reducing your air conditioning bills.
Lowering Energy Costs
Concerned about energy costs? It's a worthy concern. Heating and cooling costs represent up to 60 percent of a typical building's operating budget. This makes energy efficiency a high priority.
Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs
RMI's early energy work was aimed mainly at electric utilities and oil companies, advocating the advantages of reducing demand through efficiency rather than simply increasing supply.
Energy Efficiency Tips
Choosing to incorporate energy efficiency measures in homes provides insurance against rising costs. Energy efficient technologies require less energy to operate, which reduces the home's consumption and, ultimately, the energy bill.
Home Improvement Calculators
Calculate how much you need: Paint- Wallpaper- Brick- Masonary- Fencing- Concrete- Drywall- Sod- Seed- Ceramic Tile- Carpet- Insulation- Siding- Roofing and more

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Home Improvement-Climate Control
Heating & Cooling Repair:Tips and Step-By-Step Guides
This Section covers important information and how-to guidance on furnace filter replacement, thermostats and more.
Troubleshooting a Gas Furnace - Furnace Repair
Once in a while things don't work quite right and you need to troubleshoot a gas furnace repair or relight a standing pilot if it has one.
Air Conditioning Information
Links for air conditioning information from buying tips to repair
Do It Yourself-HVAC
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