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ftp Site Name:   Your website name

FTP Server:

User Name:   Your user name

Password:   Your Password (supplied by you or your host)

Directions:  You should put your website in a folder, title it so you know what it is. I titled mine "HTML" because websites are made up of HTML code. Inside you need a webpage titled "Index.html" and it should contain the index to your site. Note: the index to my site is Index.html  (click on the blue "index.html" to go to the example). You will note that the index lists all the inside pages by topics, making it easy for the visitor to find what they want.
You also want to include inside the folder, two other folders. One titled for your webpages, I titled mine "Reference1", it contains all my webpages. You may title yours anything that will remind you what they are (keep the title short, probably under 10 characters). The other should contain all your photos. Title it appropriately. I titled mine "Images". You can title yours Photos, Images, Pictures, or anything that will remind you of what it is. This will help keep your site organized.

Connecting to a Site
   There are a number of ways to connect to a site:
1. Using the Connect menu item or toolbar button

    From the Classic FTP main window, click "Connect" button on the tool bar. Alternatively, you can select the menu File > Connect.
    Select the site you want to connect to from the drop down list. If the site you want to connect is not yet in the drop down list, select New Site.

2. Using the site manager

    From the Classic FTP main window, click "Sites" button on the tool bar.
    Select the site you want to connect to in the site list and then click Connect. If the site you want to connect is not yet in the list, click Add Site button.

3. Using the Quick Site toolbar button

    From the Classic FTP main window, click "Quick" button on the tool bar.
    Enter your information as needed and press connect.

For more information on how to add a site or change a site properties, please refer to Site Properties

video tutorial
Connect to FTP server and transfer files
Classic FTP Forum
Left Panel:   To the far right image is what will appear on the desktop of your computer. The left panel is your commputer information (your web page). The right panel is BlueHost information (your web page on the internet). The image to the left is an enlarged view of the left panel (or the information of your web page on your computer). Since this is my webpage, you will notice the index.html and the folders Reference1 and Images.

Right Panel:  The right panel (enlarged below) is the representation of the information on BlueHost (or your site on the internet). The information is located in the folder "public_html"
Click on the "public html" folder to open it. It will display the contents. You may need to scroll down to view all the contents.

Instructions:   To upload your website to BlueHost; Click on your folder (Images, Photos, or whatever you named it) and drag it from the left pane to the right pane and to the folder "public_html". It will download the contents to BlueHost. When that finishes loading, Click on the folder (one for your webpages - I used Reference1 for mine) and drag it over to the right pane and to the folder "public_html". It will download to Bluehost. Do not forget Index, the site will not work without the index page. Be sure to check that the site is up on the internet after completed uploading. If it is not there, check for errors. More common errors is: forgot to uoload index page, Check titles; upper case and lower case letters. The internet is case sensetive. Also check for commas instead of periods.
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  ClassicFTP with Screenshots
ClassicFTP Download     

  ftp   ftp
            fig. 1. ClassicFTP                         fig. 2. ClassicFTP public_html
  ftp   ftp
            fig. 3. ClassicFTP Images + Reference                         fig. 4. ClassicFTP Index
  ftp   ftp
            fig. 5. ClassicFTP File                         fig. 6. ClassicFTP Loca
  ftp   ftp
            fig. 7. ClassicFTP Remote                         fig. 8. ClassicFTP Tools
  ftp   ftp
            fig. 9. ClassicFTP Help                         fig. 10. ClassicFTP Help Contents

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