fig 1  Box Volume fig 2  Box Surface Area
   Volume = L*W*H    Surface Area = 2(L*W+L*H+W*H)
fig 3  Pyramid Volume fig 4  Pyramid Surface Area
   Volume = LWh/3    Surface Area = LC+WD+LW
       C=√((L/2)²+h²)    D=√((W/2)²+h²)
   Calculator Pro Information and Reference

 R = Radius of Cylinder; h = height of Cylinder
  You can enter the constant π by using pi.

 The calculators input box is used to enter the mathematical terms to be solved. By pressing the [Enter] button, Calculator Pro solves the current line and prints the results in the next line.
   To insert a new line into the calculator input box, just press [Shift] + [Enter]
fig 7  Cylinder Volume fig 8  Cylinder Surface Area
   Volume = πR²h    Surface Area = 2πR(R+h)
fig 9  Cone Volume fig 10  Cone Surface Area
   Volume = πR²h/3    Surface Area = πR²+πR√(R²+h²)
fig 11  Topless Cone Volume fig 12  Topless Cone Surface Area
   Volume = πh/3(R1²+R2²+R1R2)    Surface Area = π[R1²+R2²+(R1R2)√(R1-R2)²+h²]
fig 13  Sphere Volume fig 14  Sphere Surface Area
   Volume = 4/3πR³    Surface Area = 4πR²
fig 15  Sphere 1 base segment Volume fig 16  Sphere 1 base segment Surface Area
   Volume = (π/3)h²(3R-h)    Surface Area = 2πRh
fig 19  Spherical Cap Volume fig 20  Spherical Cap Area
   Volume = πh²(3R-h)/3    Surface Area = 2πRh
fig 21  Spherical Sector Volume fig 22  Spherical Sector Area
   Volume = (2/3)πR²h    Surface Area = 2πRh
   √ = sqr
   x² (or exponent 2) = ^2
   π = pi
Mathematical References and Formulas:
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Mathematical Software:
Maxima Software - Computer Algebra System
   Maxima software is useful for manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions, ordinary differential equations, polynomials, lists, systems of linear equations and sets.
Documentation & Tutorial
   Designed for the new user Maxima by Example is a series of tutorial notes which include many examples of the power of Maxima.
Free Math eBooks:
The Handbook of Essential Mathematics
   205 pages of mathematical formulas and other useful technical information that will serve both students and teachers. A pdf file.
A First Book in Algebra by Wallace C. Boyden
   In preparing this book, the author had especially in mind classes in the upper grades of grammar schools
Algebra for Beginners
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Algebra I
   an introduction to algebraic concepts for the high school student. Topics include: Equations and Functions, Real Numbers, Equations of Lines, Solving Systems of Equations and Quadratic Equations.
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