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     Open Cain & Able. This will bring to a screen like this:  
   Cain & Able Cain & Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems. It allows easy recovery of several kind of passwords by cracking encrypted passwords using Dictionary or Brute-Force attacks
     Click the "Cracker" tab. This will bring to a screen like this:

     To left is a list of all of the various types of hashes that Cain & Able is capable of dealing with.

     Across the top are buttons to crack less secure hashes that simply go through the same algorithm every time.
     Click on the "LM & NTLM Hash"
     Then click the " + " tab. This will bring a pop-up to the screen like this:

     Check "import hashes from local system" and then click "Next".
     That will bring to a screen like this:

     This shows all the active accounts on local system like administrator, guest, etc.
     along with LM and NT hashed values of their respective passwords, as shown
     Right clicking on any username shows all available options using which we can crack it's password.  
     Here we select "Brute-Force Attack"  
     and then "NTLM Hashes", since windows uses NTLM hashes  
     You will be greeted by a window where you can modify properties for brute-force attack
     such as password length, character set, etc.

     Note: In bottom window; "0 hashes of type NTLM loaded"
     In this case, you will need to load hashes (tutorial)

     Sometimes this happens, depends on the OS
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