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Freeware: Upselling and bundling are minimal; CCleaner only offers the option to install Google Chrome, which users can easily opt out of. Compared to other free programs, CCleaner is the least ad-heavy.

      1. CCleaner Setup   (check Next)              2. CCleaner Install Options   (check Next)
      3. CCleaner Google Chrome   (You may want to uncheck "Install
Google Chrome" before checking Install )
             4. CCleaner Installing
      5. CCleaner Completing Setup               6. CCleaner Upgrade to Professional  (You may not want to upgrade)
      7. CCleaner
  Cleaner (left side broom icon) This is the main feature of the program, which will allow you to optimize your system, by removing unused and temporary files. It also protects your personal privacy by removing traces of the websites you have visited and the files you have opened.
(It's important to point out that it does this without removing any files you'll still need!)
             8. CCleaner Analysis
      9. CCleaner Cleaning Complete              10. CCleaner Registry
      11. CCleaner Tools              12. CCleaner SysRestore
      13. CCleaner Advanced              14. CCleaner Cookies
CCleaner Tutorial:
How to use CCleaner
Once you have installed CCleaner you can open the application by:
• Double-clicking the desktop icon
• Clicking on Start >> Programs >> CCleaner
• Right-clicking on the Recycle Bin and selecting "Open CCleaner..."
Running CCleaner
  Below you will find an easy to follow tutorial showing you some of the basic steps on how to use Ccleaner
CCleaner Tutorial
CCleaner is a program that performs the following maintenance operations on your PC:
• File clean up
• Registry clean up
• Registry back up
• Program uninstaller
• Edit Start up entries
CCleaner Tutorial
  Good tutorial and tips
Forum CCleaner
  Welcome to the Beginner?s Guide to CCleaner
CCleaner Tutorial 1
  This computer repair tutorial explores the many uses of CCleaner and why it is a wonderful tool for keeping your computer running smoothly
How to use CCleaner
  How To Use CCleaner To Speed Up Computer and Free Disk Space
CCleaner Tutorial
  Over time, your computer becomes cluttered with many un-needed temporary files, along with many other things that your computer most probably no longer needs
CCleaner Tutorial
  In this tutorial, we'll show you how to install and run CCleaner
CCleaner after Installation
  Once you have installed CCleaner you can open the application by either:
1. Double-clicking the CCleaner desktop icon
2. Clicking on Start Menu -> Programs -> CCleaner
Ccleaner removes trash and tracks
  We found a free utility called CCleaner that is both a system cleaner and cookie cleaner. (Includes 5 minute tutorial)
Tutorials CCleaner
  After installing Ccleaner run it and I suggest if you have any inkling you may have minor spyware issues you leave every box checked below and run it that way one time
How to use CCleaner
  Ccleaner is a program that allows you to clean your system of temporary files, caches, cookies, browsing history and many other things
Computer Tune Up using CCleaner
  Simple Computer “Tune-up” Using CCleaner
CCleaner Delete Junk Files
  How to Use CCleaner to Clean Out Junk Files in Windows
Tutorial CCleaner
  Depending on your browser type you'll be asked to choose a location for the download, choose your desktop for ease
Review of CCleaner
  CCleaner from Piriform, a free software for cleaning and optimizing the performance of your PC
  CCleaner (short for "Crap Cleaner") knows exactly where to find the files that slow down your computer