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Home Repair Cost Guide
A homeowners guide to find out the costs for most home repairs
Tiling a Shower Stall
When I did the tiling I used a new product called tile backer board. After screwing that up against the studs the next thing to do is start the adhesive process
Estimate of Repair or Replacement Costs
Estimated Repair, Replacement, and Upgrade Costs
replacing a shower stall any tips?
Well, the question is vague. Is the current stall fiberglass or tile...and do you want to replace it with fiberglass or tile...and are you going to do this yourself?
Plumbing parts
Pictures, name, price
How to Repair a Tub-and-Shower Valve
You repair a two-handled shower valve just as you would a compression or cartridge faucet in a sink (see How to Fix a Faucet), except that you might need a deep socket wrench to remove a valve stem that's recessed in the wall.
Replace A Two-Handle Shower Valve With A Single-Handle Unit
Use a wide conversion plate to cover holes when changing the shower to a single handle faucet.
Replacing or Installing a shower valve
Whether you're installing a shower valve or replacing an old unit, the process is the same. The biggest difference is that you have better access to the shower valve during new construction because the walls are open.
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