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   Virtual TI, or "VTI," is a graphing calculator emulator for Microsoft Windows, written in C++ by Rusty Wagner. Virtual TI has made a significant impact on the way calculators are used and programmed. Today, Virtual TI is a complete solution for calculator users; it can now emulate all TI-8x and 9x calculators with a link port. It is extremely easy to use, and the name is no misnomer: there is actually a Virtual TI on your screen, complete with a clickable bitmap of the calculator.
   If you haven't already, I strongly encourage you to give VTI a try. Since its first versions, it has vastly improved, and it is definitely worth your time to test it out.
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* * * * * * STATISTICS PROGRAMS * * * * * *

STATISTICS: Article: StatDisk

Analysis: Click on Analysis to access many of the STATDISK modules, including those related to such features as confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.
Data: Click on Data to access STATDISK features such as those related to descriptive statistics, histograms, and boxplots.
Social Science Statistics
Problems and Solutions using the TI-83
TI-83 program listing - 2 Sample "t" Test
TI-83 program listing - 2 Sample "t" Test with Freq List
STATISTICS: Program: StdDev
TI-83 program listing - StdDev
STATISTICS: Program: StDevFrm
TI-83 program listing - Standard Deviation with Formulas
STATISTICS: Program: StDevFrq
TI-83 program listing - Standard Deviation with Freq List
STATISTICS: Program: Annuity
TI-83 program listing - Finance Programs with Formulas
ALGEBRA: Program: AAMath
TI-83 program listing - Calculating volume, surface area, area & parameter
STATISTICS: Program: AA Stat3
TI-83 program listing - Calculating Mean, Mode, Median"
STATISTICS: Program: Chi Square Goodness of Fit
TI-83 program listing with descriptions- Goodness of Fit
STATISTICS: Program: Rank Sum (RS) Test
TI-83 program listing with descriptions- Mann-Whitney U
TI-83 program listing - Standard Deviation "Sum of Squares"
STATISTICS: Program: Pearson r
TI-83 program listing - Pearson r
STATISTICS: Program: Btwnscor
TI-83 program listing with descriptions- BTWNSCOR
STATISTICS: Program: Z score
TI-83 program listing with descriptions- ZSCORE
Math Archive: Texas Instruments
TI-83 math archive from Texas Instruments

Statistics - General problems & solutions

Free Online Tutorials: Stat Trek
Stat Trek's free, online tutorials get you productive as quickly and painlessly as possible
WISE - Web Interface for Statistics Education
Our goal - provide students of statistics easy access to a wide range of resources that are freely available on the Internet
Free Electronic Statistics Text Book
Elementary Concepts in Statistics
Statistics and SPSS Tutorials
Ultimate resources list to learn SPSS
How to use your TI-83 for statistics.
Univarite Data (one list) & Bivariate Data (two lists) Statistics
Free Online statistics Tutorials - Free Calculators and Converters
FREE Online Mathematics tools - calculation and conversion of math or logical problems and give simple solutions
UsableStats: Tutorials, Calculators
Usable Stats: because statistics shouldn't be Greek
Online Statistics Textbook
RVLS Home | Glossary | Free Statistical Analysis Tools | Instructional Demos | Exercises and Problems | Statistics Help

Statistics - Calculators

Graph Pad
Categorical data: Fisher's, Chi square, McNemar's, Sign test, CI of proportion - Statistical distributions: View Binomial, Poisson or Gaussian distribution
Free Statistical Software
This page contains links to free software packages that you can download and install on your computer
Free Statistical Software
Statistical Software for Multivariate Analysis and Graphical Display-Software for basic statistical analysis, graphs, and comprehensive data management
Statistical Software Sites
Software Downloads-Statistical Procedures-Statistical Programs-Basics of Statistical Software-Statistical Calculators - General-Statistical Calculators - Specific Procedures-SPSS Tutorials
Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations
The web pages listed below comprise a powerful, conveniently-accessible, multi-platform statistical software package.
Statistical Packages: Free
A directory of software sources
List of free statistical software
Open Source & Public Domain Packages with Source Code & Packages distributed free of charge, not open source

Statistics - Homework Help

Homework Help
Math Goodies is a free math help portal for students, teachers, and parents
free math help
Our site offers a wide variety of free math help resources. We are continuously adding new tutorials and lessons, online calculators and solved math problems
Math and Statistics Homework Help
Below is a collection of online calculators and interactive tutorials
Free Help for Statistics Homework
WELCOME to This is a REAL site intended to help students in statistics courses. Be assured that this service will not cost you anything.

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