Note: Using the TI-83 Calculator Emulator (which performs exactly like the TI-83 Calculator) and can be downloaded from TI-83 Calculator Emulator and following the calculator instructions (Using Your TI-83/84 calculator in Math) you can solve problems in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. they have several programs which can be enterred into the TI-83 Calculator emulator and will work to solve the problems quickly and easily. Under the programs "Reference" (bottom of this page) there are many links to help you with the TI-83 Calculator.

* * * * * * ARITHMETIC PROGRAMS * * * * * *

FINANCE: Program: Annuity
TI-83 program listing - Finance Programs with Formulas
FINANCE: Program: Finance
TI-83 program listing - Finance Programs with Formulas
ARITHMETIC: Program: PRFactor
TI-83 program listing - PRFactor - finds the prime factors of a number
ARITHMETIC: Program: Primes
TI-83 program listing - Factoriser - write a number as a product of its prime factors
ARITHMETIC: Program: BPrime
TI-83 program listing - BPrime - finding the prime factors of a number
ARITHMETIC: Program: Prime
TI-83 program listing - Prime - prime factors of a number are the prime numbers that divide into that integer exactly.
STATISTICS: Program: StDevFrq
TI-83 program listing - Standard Deviation with Freq List
TI-83 program listing - Standard Deviation "Sum of Squares"
ALGEBRA: Program: Geometric shapes
TI-83 program listing - Calculating volume, surface area, area & parameter
ALGEBRA: Program: Algebra Solutions
TI-83 program listing - Geometric Figures - Calculates: Area, Volume, Surface Area
ALGEBRA: Program: AreaVol
TI-83 program listing - 3D Geometric Figures - Calculates: Surface Area, Volume, Lateral Area
ALGEBRA: Program: Figures
TI-83 program listing - Geometric Figures - Calculates: Area, Perimeter, Volume, Surface Area
ALGEBRA: Program: Series
TI-83 program listing - Calculating Arithmetic Sum given first term & last term
TI-83 program listing - Greatest Common Denomerator, Least Common Multiple
TI-83 program listing - 2 Sample "t" Test with Freq List
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