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A2 (A squared) Anti-Spyware
from FreeByte- Anti- Trojan, Dialers, & spyware
Protect your PC from viruses, worms, intrusions & other threats.
Ad-Aware SE
by Lavasoft  Ad-Aware is designed to provide advanced protection from known Data-mining, aggressive advertising, Parasites, Scumware, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components.
Spyware Warrior
List products found NOT to provide proven, reliable anti-spyware protection
Block spyware/tracking cookies, adware, browser hijackers, dialers, and other unwanted programs
An anti-spyware program scans files before you open them and prevents execution if spyware is detected
SpyProtector 2006 v1.3
Scan your PC to check it and remove any adware or spyware that you might have
Free AntiVirus/AntiMalware (COMODO)
Instantly detects well over 1,000,000 unique, spambots, hijackers & keyloggers. Eliminates Viruses, Worms and Trojans from Windows XP and Windows 2000
hidden finder anti-virus
Free AntiVirus Software
EZ Antivirus
Exclusive offer for microsoft customers, Free 12 month software subscription.
Anti-Trojan Freeware
Remove infections of Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Worms, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Dialers and other malicious programs.
Free Anti-Trojan Software
Get complete protection from the most dangerous threats on the internet - worms, viruses, trojans, spyware and adware.
Adware, Spyware & Trojans
Information & Removal Procedures
Bogus Anti/Spywarer apps
Lists several ineffective or not fully effective programs.
Free anti-virus protection and security for Windows against viruses, worms, Trojans, and dialers, detects and removes more than 50,000 viruses
Avast Virus Cleaner
Avast is a free tool that will help you remove selected virus & worm infections from your computer
BitDefender Free Edition is an on-demand virus scanner, which is best used in a system recovery or forensics role.
AVG 6.0 Anti-Virus System
Resident Protection, E-mail Scanner, On-Demand Scanner

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Norton AntiVirus Tutorials
Virus - How To Recognize
Do you have a good anti-virus program? Do you keep it updated regularly? If not, your computer is bound to contract a virus of some type. Even if you do keep up with healthy computer habits, it is sometimes still possible (unlikely, but possible) for a virus to attack your computer.
Windows Tutorials: Antivirus Software
Antivirus Software, tips and tutorials to help broaden your knowledge of Windows and help you better defend your PC.
Uninstall/Remove Norton Antivirus completeley
Computer Knowledge Virus Tutorial
Computer Knowledge tutorial on computer viruses. We'll discuss what they are, give you some history, discuss protection from viruses, and mention some of the characteristics of a virus hoax.
Spybot Tutorial
How to beat computer viruses
Step-By-Step Tutorial For Configuring McAfee VirusScan
Anti-Virus Tutorials
Anti-Virus FAQ's and Introductory Articles
Computer Virus and Malware Primer for Network Administrators
How to Install, Configure, and Use Avast Antivirus
Security Services for Home and Business
Adaware Tutorial Updates & Scanning
You will be guided through the installation and when presented with the screen here, leave it on the default setting of "Protect anyone who uses this computer"
Anti-virus, privacy and internet security software
The following is a range of free tutorials, popular online security tools and anti-virus software to help keep your computer safe - online and offline.
Review of McAfee VirusScan 2004
Free Spyware Removal Instructions
Getting Started - Generic spyware removal instructions * How to update and use Lavasoft's AdAware-SE * How to update and use Spybot: Search and Destroy * How to use HijackThis * Wrapping it up, how to prevent future infections

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Note: Anti-Virus programs may not detect and remove spyware - depending on the program and the spyware infection
6 Star Reviews
compare prices, effectiveness, customer service, and ease of use
Alcatraz Security
compare the top 5 brand names
Spyware Ratings
top 10 adware and spyware removal tools. Reviews will help you identify the best-rated solutions
AntiVirus Software Review
a side-by-side Anti Virus software comparison
Free Spyware/ Adware/ Trojans/ Hijackers Detection & Removal
Loosely speaking, when this page refers to spyware, it means some program that has been installed on your system that reports something back to the software writer (or website that installed it) - whether it be websites you visit or your activities on the computer or the like.
Which Spyware Remover
The goal of is to help you understand what spyware is and to help educate you on the kinds of threats posed by spyware and adware and the tools you can use to take back control of your computer from annoying popups, PC slow down and other problems caused by spyware.
Free Anti-Virus Review
your guide to Antivirus Software, links to free antivirus sofware, evaluation antivirus software, and free virus removal tools.

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Free Virus Removal Tools
Only the DOS version of F-Secure Anti-Virus is free. The other versions are either for 30 days-evaluation or commercial ones.
Free virus removal tools
There are many free online scanners available on the market. But how well do they work? tested 9 of them for detection of in-the-wild viruses. We review 5 that passed.
Virus Removal
We provide you with a list of specialized utilities for virus removal. The utilities can be used to remove of some of the most common viruses.
Virus Removal Instructions
You may want to download all tools and print out these instructions before you start.
norton security
Test your computer's exposure to online security threats and learn how to make your computer more secure.
Adware, Spyware and other unwanted malware
Adware, Spyware and other unwanted "malware" - and how to remove them If you have a program that's bothering you at start-up, go here for info on getting rid of it.
information & removal instructions
Latest Alerts on Malware
Top 25 Spyware
In a nutshell, Ransomware are rogue anti-spyware products that are peddled by trojans and worms. The process is as follows: 1. A trojan infects your computer 2. The trojan then displays messages stating that your computer is infected 3. The trojan proposes a rogue anti-spyware product the clean your computer, hence the ransom to be paid!
Scan your PC for free
Symantec: Virus Removal Tools
Virus Scanning, Virus Removal Softwares, Free Online Virus Scan tools to automatically conduct what would often amount to extensive and tedious manual removal tasks.
avast! Virus Cleaner is available free for every user. This tool will help you remove selected worm infections from your computer.
malware remove
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool checks computers running Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 for infections .
Free Virus Removal Tools
Kaspersky Lab has developed free virus removal tools. If your computer has been infected by any of the viruses listed below, you can download a free removal utility here.
GENERAL Virus and Trojan removal Instructions.
If the steps below do NOT fix your problem You will have to post a “HijackThis Log” at one of the security forums that provide spyware cleaning services. For the most part what I have suggested fixes the greater majority of problems out there...however, it does NOT fix everything.
Trojan Removal Instructions Guides & Tutorials
If you`re not running any antivirus or firewall software, you should install some ASAP. Download and install the free AVG or Avast antivirus programmes and either the free Zonealarm or Kerio firewall programmes.
Virus Watch
Here you can see the malicious programs we have detected - in real-time. Every time one of our analysts adds a signature the list is updated.
Trojan Downloaders
These Trojans (like Trojan Droppers) are used to install malicious code on a victim machine.

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Detect Viruses and Spyware with our Online Scanner
Our free online virus scanner is a great way to find out if you have any viruses or spyware on your machine without having to install new software.
BitDefender Online Scanner is an on-demand virus scanner which incorporates the award-winning BitDefender scanning engines. You can use it to scan your system's memory, all files and drives' boot sectors, and to automatically clean infected files.
How to remove Downloader.Trojan ?
* how to remove a trojan * Trojan ByteVerify - how to remove i * Manual Removal Downloader Trojan * How to remove trojan Byteverify * Trojan Horse(Download.Trojan) * how to remove winser.exe * How to get rid of multiple viruses? * how to remove worm w32.spybot.ubhc * How to remove dxdll\scr.ini * how to remove; my search spyware...
ewido online scanner
With the help of our online scanner you can scan and clean your computer from malware without having to install additional software on your computer.
Antivirus 2008 reports that I have 40 viruses!
Antivirus 2008 is an adware giving you fake warnings. Use the taskmanager to kill the process antvrs.exe and then delete the Antivirus 2008 folder from your programs folder.
Trend Micro's FREE online virus scanner
Trojan Removal Instructions
If you`re not running any antivirus or firewall software, you should install some ASAP. Download and install the free AVG or Avast antivirus programmes and either the free Zonealarm or Kerio firewall programmes.
Spyware database, manual adware, spyware removal instructions
Our goal is to collect, analyse and store manual spyware removal instructions in our spyware database that will help you delete spyware and adware parasites.

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free computer help
free tutorials - discussions - glossary of computer terms - links.
free computer help
computer hope's free computer help on all your computer related questions and information on hardware and software.
free computer help
free computer help, tips and tools to help you get more from your computer.
cyber tech help
free computer help and technical support for all windows, linux and macintosh operating systems, computer hardware, pc networking, computer software, web & graphic design
a community commited to offering free computer help and tutorials in an easy to understand language, not "geek-speak".
pc support advisor
free technical support networking articles from pc support advisor technical support library plus the 46 best-ever freeware utilities.

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Our Favorite, Free Anti-Spyware Programs CWShredder Description a Dutch student who goes simply by the name Merijn wrote a tiny free tool called CWShredder that specializes in removing dozens of CWS variants.