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Square Roots

Algebra Square Roots
On this page, we hope to clear up problems that you might have with square roots and their uses.
How to calculate a square root without a calculator
The real question is how did people find square roots before there were calculators and computers?
Simplyfing Radicals
Lesson 27 (Simplifying radicals) of a complete course in algebra
Find the principal nth root of an expression. Find the nth root of an expression raised to the nth power.
Square Roots: Introduction & Simplification
Sections: Square roots, More simplification / Multiplication, Adding (and subtracting) square roots, Conjugates / Dividing by square roots, Rationalizing denominators, Higher-Index Roots, A special case of rationalizing / Radicals & exponents / Radicals & domains
square roots
Finding square roots of of numbers that aren't perfect squares without a calculator
Simplifying Square Roots and Rationalizing Denominators
Every non-negative real number x has a unique non-negative square root, called the principal square root, denoted by a square root sign as sqrt (x).
Homeschool Scholarships
List of Homeschool Scholarships
We are in the process of researching scholarships that are designed specifically and exclusively for homeschooled students, both from private foundations and from colleges.

Homework Helpers

algebra homeworkhelp
FREE tutors create solvers with work shown, write algebra lessons, help you solve your homework problems.
homeworkhelp algebra
Free math lessons and math homework help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond
As usual, help is available on the Internet, and the following list are some of the best free algebra homework help websites
homework help
Browse our collection of algebra lessons written by, or some video lessons provided by various partners
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Math Calculators

RedCrab Calculator    (screenshots)    (Plane Geometry)    (Solid Geometry)    RedCrab Graphing    RedCrab Pie Charts
The scientific calculator with full screen formula editor. The calculator's editor supports the entry of complex algebraic equations like fractions, square roots, exponents, etc. for technical and scientific applications.
RedCrab Manual
RedCrab scientific calculator. This program can be used indefinitely as freeware, but by purchasing a limited shareware license, additional features are enabled. This manual describes the basic features available in freeware and shareware mode. The mathematical expressions can be entered in the editor window. The calculator displays the result either under or next to the expression.
Farsight FreeCalc    (Screenshots)    (Examples)
Farsight FreeCalc - Perform Arithmetic operations in either RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) or ALG (Algebraic) mode. More than onehundred functions are supported.
Sicyon Lite Scientific Calculator Tutorial
This tutorial is intended as for beginners and intermediate level users of Sicyon. It does not cover all the features of Sicyon, but explains them in more details (and pictures).
Precise Calculator   (screenshots)   (Examples)
   (Tutorials)    (Statistics)
Precise Calculator has arbitrary precision. It knows all usual mathematical functions, statistical functions, vectors, matrices, complex numbers, fractions. It is programmable (if, goto, print,return, = ).
Calculator Pro     (screenshots)     (Examples)
     (beta screenshots)
Calculator Pro supports more than 50 mathematical functions like trigonometric, hyperbolic functions etc.- virtual keyboard offers buttons for functions, constants etc.
GraphCalc      (Screenshots)      (Examples)
GraphCalc The Ultimate Windows 2D/3D Graphing CalculatorSoftware. GraphCalc includes many of the standard features of graphing calculators, but also includes some higher-end features: High resolution; Speed; Three-dimensional graphing
GraphCalc Forum      iPhone app ? GraphCalc
RPN Basic Tutorial
The idea of RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) is to use always the same way to enter expression. (first the arguments, and then the function)
Online High Schools
best online high schools
free online high schools
- California
- Arizona
- Nevada
- New Mexico
- Texas

Algebra Puzzles

Algebra Readiness Puzzles
Here you will find a complete list of online materials that tie in with the math you are learning.
math is fun
Puzzles & Quizzes - Number Puzzles ? Card Puzzles ? Einstein Puzzles ? Sam Loyd Puzzles ? Algebra Puzzles
Free Algebra Help, Calculators, Games & Puzzles
Your guide to the best free Algebra Help resources on the Web.
Algebra Problems & Puzzles
This list contains some of the best algebra problems and puzzles.
Graphing Calculator Procedures
Below, you will also find graphing calculator procedures that contain example problems and several exercises. Algebra 1 Algebra 2
Free Algebra Puzzles
Articles, problems, games and puzzles - in Algebra and many of which are accompanied by interactive Java illustrations and simulations.

Free Algebra eBooks

Elementary Algebra
Elementary Algebra is a work text that covers the traditional topics studied in a modern elementary algebra course. It is intended for students who (1) have no exposure to elementary algebra, (2) have previously had an unpleasant experience with elementary algebra, or (3) need to review algebraic concepts and techniques.
College Algebra
From the table of contents: Relations and Functions; Linear and Quadratic Functions; Polynomial Functions; Rational Functions; Further Topics in Functions; Exponential and Logarithmic Functions; Hooked on Conics; Systems of Equations and Matrices; Sequences and the Binomial Theorem.
Elementary Linear Algebra
This is intended to be a first course in linear algebra for students who are sophomores or juniors who have had a course in one variable calculus and a reasonable background in college algebra
Kerala Mathematics
This textbook covers Geometry and Algebra for a high-school audience. From the table of contents: arithmetic progression, circles, real numbers, quadratic equations, tangents, polynomials, solids, trigonometry, analytic geometry, statistics.
Algebra I
CK-12 Foundation's Algebra FlexBook is an introduction to algebraic concepts for the high school student. Topics include: Equations and Functions, Real Numbers, Equations of Lines, Solving Systems of Equations and Quadratic Equations.
Universal Algebra for Computer Science
This is an online text on universal algebra with a strong emphasis on applications and examples from computer science. The text introduces some basic algebraic concepts, such as signatures, algebras, homomorphisms, initial algebras, free algebras, and illustrates them with numerous interactive applications to computer science topics.
Essential Mathematics
Essential Mathematics is written for students who reach university without elementary algebra and arithmetic skills. The book consists of exercises on fractions, roots, monomials and polynomials, linear and quadratic equations.
Essential Engineering Mathematics
Essential Engineering Mathematics is one of the great free eBooks available to download.
Linear Algebra c-1
This textbook provides a comprehensive collection of examples of the topics of Linear equations, Matrices and Determinants.
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* Pre-Algebra
* Algebra 1
* Algebra 2
* Word Problems
* Advanced Algebra

Algebra CLEP Online Study Guides

free University
The CLEP Exam in Algebra is similar to a one semester course taught at many colleges. The topics in bold face are those The College Board indicates will be found on the exams.
free clep study guides
Your one stop practice test site for High School, College, Professional, and Standardized Exams and Tests
Understanding Algebra (online text)
This text is suitable for high-school Algebra I, preparing for the GED
Math for Morons like us (online text)
Everything from the basics of solving equations to exponents, and from graphing to word problems (which people seem to absolutely love) will be covered.
Free Online Tests
Test Prep Review
ACT Test Practice
SAT Test Practice
ASVAB Test Practice
CLEP Test Practice

Algebra Reference: TI-83/84 Calculator

Algebra Using the TI-83 Plus / TI-84 Plus Online Course - Texas Instruments Education Technology
No charge for the course. It is now FREE. ? No time limit. There is now an unlimited time for completing the course. ? No user name and password required. Just click on the course outline then click on the lesson that you would like to take
TI-83 Calculator Emulator
A step by step process for downloading a TI Emulator. An emulator is basicly the computer version of a TI 83 Calculator. It works just like the calculator but from your computer screen.
Using Your TI-83/84 calculator in Math
Instructions on how to use the calculator (use the emulator as the calculator)
TI-83/84 Math Programs

If you are doing math and don't have a TI Programmable Calculator, you are at a disadvantage.
Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator; 64 H x 96mm W Screen
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